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I'm a professional actor/singer based in NYC, and I also spend a great deal of time directing and producing. People always ask me how I became an actor, and I really wish I could give an inspiring answer, like "my parents were artists and passed along the tradition" or "I use art to deal with a difficult childhood." Instead, I have to sheepishly admit:

I was really good at memorizing movies, and when my local youth-theater announced it was was doing "Charlotte's Web" - that was when I knew acting was meant for me.

Well, that's not entirely true. I was a devotee of the movie, "West Side Story" and I was convinced that I would grow up someday to be Maria. But, I digress...

It was later, after many school plays and choir concerts, that I found what my true calling for performance would be: digging deep inside a character to find out what makes them vulnerable, and then sharing that with an audience so they can see their life in our art.

One of the most amazing thing about being an artist is taking a deep look at who I am, and then working to expose that in my work. As a human being, I'm the gal who always goes after what she wants with fervor -- be it an intellectually stimulating career, an idealized romance that makes me swoon, or the perfect slice of pizza. I love to laugh, and I poke fun at myself on a regular basis. I have been known to ask for a side of cheese-whiz to accompany otherwise healthy food. I think everything tastes a little better with hot sauce. And bacon. And bourbon. (But not bacon flavored bourbon. Ew.)

In my work my main focus is on intimate musicals and plays, independent film and raw & challenging television. I adore relationship-driven projects that explore what it means to "be" with others. I come alive when I get a chance to explore the soft underbelly of the human experience. I bring a sort of charming neuroticism to my work that makes you root for the character - a little too uptight for my own good but infectiously (and sometimes foolishly) fervent about what is possible.

My first love is telling a story through song, and a live audience is just about the best thing on the planet. But on-camera work also provides a magical and intimate conversation with the audience (and you get to share it over and over!) Luckily, I have been able to bounce back and forth between stage and screen -- and am humbled to have been in deep collaboration with writers, directors, composers, and filmmakers in both worlds.


My Credits / Background


Proud Member of AEA and SAG-AFTRA. Currently residing in New York City. Erin Cronican was raised in San Diego, California and has been acting/singing/dancing since the age of 9. She's an alum of Orange Glen High School and received her Bachelor's Degree in Theatre (Acting) from Pepperdine University, where she was honored with the Mary Pickford Scholarship for Excellence in Theatre. A proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA, Erin has performed with some of the finest theatres and filmmakers in New York, Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond.

Erin also has a prolific career on-camera, landing a recurring role on the hit CW television series "Veronica Mars" as Wiedman's Assistant, and playing multiple principal roles on "One Life to Live" from 2008-2010. She has also been seen in leading roles in independent feature and short length films, including "Cold Souls" and "Writer's Block." In addition, she has done countless work in commercials and industrials.

Erin received two NY Innovative Theater Award nominations for her work as Solange in "The Maids" by Jean Genet at The Seeing Place Theater. She was seen in the Off-Broadway musical, "This One's For The Girls" as the standby for Samantha and Eden, with dozens of performances under her belt. She also appeared as Heather in the Off-Broadway hit, "Sistas The Musical." Notable theatre credits include the first ever revival of "Subways Are For Sleeping," the national tour of "Suds, the Rockin' 60s Musical Soap Opera," the first NY revival of "Dying City" by Christopher Shinn, as well as musicals "The Last Five Years," "South Pacific," "Evita," "Camelot,"; contemporary plays "A Lie of the Mind", "Angels in America," "The Laramie Project", "Closer," "Avow," "Wit," and classic plays "Men In White", "Look Back in Anger,""Hamlet," "Macbeth," "Twelfth Night" "Three Sisters," and "A Doll's House." She has also written and starred in three solo cabarets: "Thank You, Next!", "The Callback" and "Great UnExpectations" and has been the special guest performer in dozens of cabarets and benefit concerts.

Erin is also an award winning theatre director and producer, and is the co-founder & Executive Artistic Director of The Seeing Place Theater.


Press / Reviews



New York Times- "Two digital productions of Amiri Baraka's allegory about the state of race in the nation prove as powerful as ever...The Seeing Place production, which starred Timothy Ware and Erin Cronican and was directed by Brandon Walker, highlighted the sexual friction between Clay and Lula. Cronican’s Lula gives Clay a lusty up and down, hungrily takes bites of her apple, a seductive smile creeping across her face. Ware’s Clay smirks gamely in response; he seems mostly unbothered by her odd diversions and casually racist remarks and appears to lust back. (Baraka’s text makes plenty of room for misogyny, drawing on a Bible tale that presents a sly, seductive and morally inferior female character; his work has also notoriously dipped into anti-Semitism, also present in “Dutchman.”) By underlining the sexual power dynamic between the man and the woman, Walker’s direction simplifies the larger reach of the play and what the characters represent. The tension becomes less about the matchup of Blackness and whiteness in society than about the interracial fraternization of one Black man and one white woman."



Times Square Chronicles- "Leading actress Erin Cronican gives a downright breathtaking performance as Theresa Bedell, whose life of success and accomplishment falls to pieces at the hands of a deeply disturbed admirer. Cronican gives Theresa a level of depth and complexity that is profoundly human – above all else, Cronican’s performance made this production real...A stunningly captivating work of theatre, Boy Gets Girl was a homerun in every sense. And the best part? Tickets are only $15. Don’t miss this beyond affordable opportunity to see a great show."

A Seat on the Aisle- "In this excellent revival, Erin Cronican (who not only plays the lead role in Boy Gets Girl but also directed Boy’s Life) is absolutely sensational as Theresa. She perfectly epitomizes the successful feminist in today’s world who finds herself forced to balance a variety of different relationships...Much of the success of this production must be attributed to her performance."



Daily Actor- "The revelation here in Cronican, who completely commits herself to her difficult role in a way I’ve never quite seen from her before. It’s always wonderful to still be surprised by someone I’ve seen on stage several times in the past... it’s hard to take your eyes off Cronican when she’s onstage. This is one of the largest and, across the board, strongest casts The Seeing Place has ever had in one of the company’s productions."

Theater That Matters- "Erin Cronican, as Beth, digs deep and finds the will of her character to survive. (I have seen Cronican perform numerous times, but never on this profound level.) Her struggle, as Beth, to regain some sense of “normalcy” is palpable and inspiring."




Erin as Nellie Forbush in a Mary Martin Tribute concert


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NYIT Award Nomination
"The Maids" - The Seeing Place Theater, 2019

Developmental Reading Award
"Play Like A Winner" - New York Musical Festival, 2016

NYIT Award Nomination
"Danny and the Deep Blue Sea" - The Seeing Place Theater, 2013

Outstanding Performance
Erin Cronican as Actor: "Pieces"- Actors Alliance Festival

Outstanding Ensemble
Erin Cronican as Actor: "The Tree of Life"- Actors Alliance Festival

Outstanding Production
Erin Cronican as Producer: "Correct Address"- Actors Alliance Festival

Outstanding Direction
Erin Cronican as Director: "Correct Address"- Actors Alliance Festival


Erin on the set of BUDDY PARKER



Film Festivals

Cold Souls
• Official Selection: Sundance Film Festival - 2009
• Official Selection/Opening Night: Nantucket Film Festival - 2009

Erin Cronican & Michael Tucker in COLD SOULS

• WINNER, Best Comedy: International Television Festival - 2012
• WINNER, Best TV Pilot: Hoboken International Film Festival - 2011
• WINNER, Best Comedic Short: Illinois International Film Festival - 2010
• WINNER, Best Ensemble Cast: Houston Comedy Film Festival - 2010
Official Selection: Long Island International Film Expo - 2011
• Official Selection: Laugh Out Loud Short Film Fest - 2011
• Official Selection: High Desert Shorts Intl Film Festival - 2011
• Official Selection: Los Angeles Comedy Festival - 2011

Erin Cronican in WTFU
Peace Aqua
• Jury Award: Long Island International Film Expo - 2012
The Other Woman
WINNER, Best of the Festival: NYC Downtown Shorts Festival - 2008
WINNER, Audience Choice: NYC Downtown Shorts Festival - 2008
• Official Selection: Avignon Film Festival- 2007
• Official Selection: BEFILM Film Festival- 2007
• Official Selection: New Filmmakers - 2007
• Official Selection: Women's International Film Festival- 2008
Tom and Jeraldine
• Official Selection: Big Apple Film Festival (BAFF) - 2008


Erin as Cathy in THE LAST FIVE YEARS


Cultural Capitol - "Erin Cronican takes a star turn as a woman whose love might be able to save Danny, but isn’t enough to save herself. Her performance of Roberta was the most genuine and touching performance I have seen this year."

Peter Filichia on Friday - The finest performances I saw this month came from Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, two young actors in two one-acters: Pinter’s “The Lover “and Shanley’s “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,” courtesy of their theater company The Seeing Place. I was so impressed at their naturalness; these kids weren’t acting but had just happened to become the characters, that’s all. I look forward to seeing more at The Seeing Place.”



Theatre Is Easy- "An especially fine performance from Erin Cronican as Kelly: In its first New York City mounting since the original production at Lincoln Center, the Seeing Place Theater puts forth an admirable revival...Cronican is stellar and heart-breaking as Kelly and enables the audience to relate deeply with a person that we’d likely have little patience for in the real world...I’ve always regretted that I missed both the original production at the Royal Court in London as well as the Lincoln Center production; the Seeing Place Theater’s version is a fine representation of the play for those who didn’t get to catch it the first times around."

Stage Buddy- "While the two brothers may dominate the plot, though, it is Kelly (played by Erin Cronican) who is the real focus of the play. Why is she sitting in an apartment that seems to be prepared for moving? Why is she constantly watching police dramas on TV? Cronican gets the part exactly right; her subtle and nuanced performance perfectly fits the unfolding nature of the piece."



Howard Kissel, The Daily News- "The score is full of wonders, and the richly talented cast performs it expertly. This is truly musical comedy, a now extinct species, and it is a marvel to me that you can find performers who can still do it... As the object of [Tom's] affection, a wily reporter, Erin Cronican is enormously winning, excelling in "Once in a Lifetime" and "I Said It and I'm Glad...This is truly musical comedy, a now extinct species, and it is a marvel to me that you can find performers who can still do it.




North County Times- "Co-starring in the show with Lorenz is Erin Cronican, who's poised, likable and has a lovely melodic voice... Cronican has a sweet tone to her voice, a classy stage presence, and she makes her character's pain believable. Her phrasing and delivery are terrific, particularly in the comic "A Summer in Ohio" and the opening "Still Hurting." 

San Diego Union Tribune- "As the idealized wife, Cathy, Erin Cronican [is] persuasive dramatically. Her Cathy is a pretty blonde too passive for her own good, unable to rise to the challenge of New York and the kind of artists the city breeds... Her best moments came in the every-actors-nightmare number, "Climbing Uphill." Part humiliating audition, part internal monologue, it's a dazzling short story encapsulating life in the theater."



Theater Is Easy -"BOTTOM LINE: A heartfelt revival about one woman’s struggle to rebuild her life after prison...Getting Out is a deeply relevant story that calls attention to the fight of victimized women, a mission that enormously warrants this earnest revival...The cast gives impassioned performances and Cronican is especially poignant as the determined, conflicted Arlene."

HiDrama! -"The thoroughly developed acting and directing and the play's script and structure are elements that set this show apart from many currently running off-Broadway...Where this company really shines is in the acting. Each character seems completely developed and grounded from within. One feels as if one is watching real people living in the moment; and while this is (obviously) always the aim of theater, it's by no means a given...Erin Cronican both directs and plays Arlene with a perfect blend of tenuousness, toughness and vulnerability. It's as if her newfound "meekness" is actually quiet strength...The Seeing Place is a wonderful company and is fulfilling its mission by producing socially relevant works with integrity.



ChargedFM - "In a tiny black box theater on the fourth floor of a building just blocks off Broadway, The Seeing Place Theater brings [Matthew Shepard's] story back to life as part of this year's NYC Pride as they prove how much the tale still matters today...There were stand-out performers, in particular Erin Cronican's empathetic portrayal of University of Wyoming theater professor Rebecca Hillicker...That Cronican and Walker are also the show's directors only added to their theatrical polish and to the power of the ensemble. ...The Laramie Project is a show that can't be missed."

HiDrama! - "This production is riveting, compelling and more intimate and accessible than the original production of 15 years ago...Both Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker (Co-Directors) are to be commended for a remarkable ensemble cast (including themselves). With energy, drive and purpose, no actor can be singled out. It is their honest portrayals as both the actors of the company and the various townspeople that gain the audiences full attention. Definitely try to make this production playing until June 29th."


Erin in hair & makeup on set

I met a dog on this shoot - happiness!

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