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Current and Upcoming Projects

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July 18 & 19, 2020 (Live), July 20-25, 2020 (Streaming) - Dutchman (play)

Erin Cronican as Lula

I am excited to announce that my next project with The Seeing Place Theater is the 1964 Obie Award winning play, DUTCHMAN. DUTCHMAN is a one-act drama by Amiri Baraka, produced and published in 1964 under the playwright’s original name LeRoi Jones. The play presents a stylized encounter that illustrates hatred between Blacks and whites in America as well as the political and psychological conflicts facing Black American men in the 1960s.

The play is being presented via Zoom in a limited online run, and then streaming via Youtube the following week. Tickets are available now at www.TheSeeingPlace.com with proceeds benefitting the Black Theatre Network. Heare what the critics are saying:

"Both Ware and Cronican are excellent: Cronican inhabits Lula with a confidence and forwardness that, for most of the play anyway, doesn't tip into overbearing—you can see why Clay keeps talking to her—giving events a groundedness that increases their impact...It was clear throughout that the performance provoked strong reactions in the audience, a testament to the work of these artists and the continued power of Baraka's play." - Thinking Theater NYC


"Both actors are great, very moving and absorbing in their roles. Erin Cronican is superb. She got this character down to perfection. She is a seductress and a tease and a devilish, sexy spirit. I didn't recognized Erin and was asking myself constantly, "Who is she? How come I don't know her? 'She is so good, I NEED TO KNOW WHO SHE IS?" " - Hi! Drama


Ongoing- St Clement's Church (service)

Erin Cronican as Singer

St. Clement's celebrates and serves the theatre district community, symbolized by its famous Mass in the Theatre (most Sundays). They remain the third oldest, continually operating Off Broadway Theatre in New York City. A congregation that has always celebrated the ministry of women, of gay and lesbian people, and those of all walks of life; a longtime center of service to the poor, celebrating social activism and creative liturgy, they are one of the most diverse Episcopal parishes in New York City. Learn more here.


ONGOING: ACTOR-OWN Musical Reading Series (musical)

Erin Cronican as various characters

Every month, I take part in this musical series, where actors assemble to perform the complete score & libretto of well know musicals. See what they had to say about our readings on Cabaret Hotline Online...

So far, I have starred as:

Amalia Balash in SHE LOVES ME Cinderella in INTO THE WOODS
Eva Peron in EVITA Millie Dillmount in THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE
Amy in COMPANY Sarah Brown in GUYS AND DOLLS
Florence in CHESS Guenevere in CAMELOT
Glinda in WICKED Maureen in RENT
Elle Woods in LEGALLY BLONDE Sally Bowles in CABARET
Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme in ASSASSINS Christine Daae in THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA
Laurey Williams in OKLAHOMA! Ariel Moore in FOOTLOOSE
Polly Baker in CRAZY FOR YOU Eliza Doolittle in MY FAIR LADY
Shelley Parker in BAT BOY Narrator in JOSEPH...DREAMCOAT
Hope Cladwell in URINETOWN Queenie in Andrew Lippa's THE WILD PARTY
Daisy Hilton in SIDE SHOW Eponine in LES MISERABLES
Mother in RAGTIME Jo March in LITTLE WOMEN
Amneris in AIDA Lady of the Lake in SPAMALOT
Lucille Frank in PARADE Marion in THE MUSIC MAN
Dot in SUNDAY IN THE PARK WITH GEORGE Alice Beane in Maury Yeston's TITANIC
Ellen in MISS SAIGON Kate Monster/Lucy T Slut in AVENUE Q
Christine in PHANTOM (Yeston)  


Ongoing- The Salon (musical open mic)

Erin Cronican as Singer

I take part in the weekly Salon series, currently being hosted at Etc. Etc. in New York City on Sunday nights, appearing with a roster of singers for their open mic (7:00pm-10:30pm). There is a cover charge and drink minimum.

See mention of my performance on BroadwayWorld.com!

See/Hear clips from various performances by clicking here.


Ongoing- Dramatic Improvement (improv)

Erin Cronican as Corporate Trainer

Erin is a a corporate trainer with Dramatic Improvement, a training company that uses forum tehater and role playing techniques to teaches leadership and emotional intelligence skills to corporate managers and officers.


Recent Projects


February 13-23, 2020 - Animal Farm (play)

Erin Cronican as Snowball / Clover / others and Co-Director

I am excited to announce that my next show with The Seeing Place Theater will be a world premiere adaptation of George Orwell's classic novel, ANIMAL FARM. Theplay is being performed by an ensemble of just 4 actors, which results in a fast paced, tightly drawn interpretation of this timely story.

The play is being presented at the Paradise Factory February 13-23, 2019 in a limited run.


Reviews for the show:

"Co-produced and directed by Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican, The Seeing Place production of Animal Farm depends on just four actors to play a total of 28 roles – no easy row to hoe. Eschewing animal costuming for unobtrusive black tights, tops, and fingerless gloves (which enable them to replicate remarkably convincing hooves!), the actors rely simply on voice, body language, mannerisms, and gait to convey character and communicate their animality...Erin Cronican, convincing as Snowball, tugs at heartstrings as Clover and also makes one feisty feminist fowl, hurling her unborn young and shouting: “My eggs, my choice!”  there are only two days left to see this original interpretation of Orwell’s classic. So make the effort. It will be worth it. And you have heard that straight from the horse’s mouth." - The Orwell Society


"In a production co-directed by Walker, who is the company's Producing Artistic Director, and Erin Cronican, who serves as Executive Artistic Director, each member of the excellent quartet plays an assortment of characters, both human and animal, impressively relying solely on changing their physicality and vocals...Though not played as children's theatre, ANIMAL FARM is certainly appropriate for well-behaved youngsters who can sit through two acts and understand the message about the abuse of power. As for adults, we can admire the fine artistry of The Seeing Place's company while wondering when people will ever learn." - Broadway World

"Walker and the company's Executive Artistic Director Erin Cronican co-direct the production and also perform several of the 28 different characters, animal and human, that are represented here. Dressed in black and working without benefit of animal masks or costumes, the very busy cast members must rely on modifying their body language and speech patterns to pull this off. Smartly, the major roles have been divvied up to emphasize contrasting characteristics for the actors to leap between...Ms. Cronican does nicely segueing from Boxer's timid and tenderhearted cart-horse friend Clover into an outraged hen who refuses to give up her eggs." - Talkin' Broadway

"Part of The Seeing Place's "The Body Politic"-themed season, Animal Farm features a quartet of actors embodying 28 characters to intimately stage this story of how revolution turns into repression...The cast, dressed all in black, use their bodies and voices rather than costuming or props to create their (mostly animal) characters and inhabit them with well-observed physical detail... The cast keeps the various characters distinct and easily identifiable, with Browne's brightly disingenuous Squealer and Cronican's determinedly idealistic Snowball particularly memorable, the latter an excellent foil for Walker's Napoleon." - Thinking Theater NYC

"The company here outfits themselves perfectly in their hard work. In addition to the brilliant acting...By the time we get to the famous, ‘animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,’ you realize there is no hope here, a feeling one is often left with reading Orwell. I don’t know how the actors ‘shed their skins,’ as it were after their masterful enactment, but this is a smashing way for this group to mark their landmark 10th season. We need all be cautioned on our animal-ness." - Short and Sweet

"Closely following Orwell’s original narrative, Brandon Walker’s brilliant adaptation of Animal Farm flawlessly morphs four remarkable actors through twenty-six, mostly non-human, incarnations—squeaking, squawking, mooing, chirping, grunting, neighing, quacking, croaking common sense and crying in despair—almost two hours on all fours. They are more than skilled. They are miraculous...As Snowball, the martyred hero, and Squealer, the slimy collaborator, Erin Cronican and Laura Clare Browne were consistent and entertaining every time they appeared. Not that their splendid performances were in any way limited to those specific characters. Indeed, the examples I’ve given above, of small bits here are there, are only hints as to the high level of the acting. The play was riveting from beginning to end, and a frightful warning as to what might be happening to us now." - Hi! Drama


March 28-April 14, 2019- The Maids (play)

Erin Cronican as Solange

This show, with The Seeing Place Theater, was nominated for three awards with New York Innovative Theater: Outstanding Ensemble, Outstanding Lead Actress, and Outstanding Revival of a Play.


October 2017-January 2019: THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS (musical)

Erin Cronican as Standby for Samantha and Eden

I am thrilled to have been female stand-by for the Off-Broadway musical THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS, since October 2017.


THIS ONE'S FOR THE GIRLS is a high-energy celebration of American women featuring Top-40 songs like…RESPECT, Stand by Your Man, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, These Boots are Made for Walkin’, I Will Survive, and Greatest Love of All.

Regular Performances are Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2 PM

St. Luke’s Theater ~ 308 West 46th Street, New York City

Tickets can be purchased here: thisonesforthegirlsthemusical.com

Being a stand-by means that I do not have a principal role in the show, but I "stand-by" to provide coverage for any actor that gets injured, has an illness, or goes on vacation. Many stand-bys never go on, and some go on often. What's certain is that I've had my hands full preparing two separate roles, ready to go on at any time! The show stars Jana Robbins, Traci Bair, Aneesa Folds, and Haley Swindal.


January 5-20, 2019- 'Night Mother (play) and A Number (play)

Erin Cronican as Jessie (and Director)

I am excited to announce that my next show with The Seeing Place Theater will be the two-person play, NIGHT MOTHER by Marsha Norman. I am also directing the two-person play, A NUMBER by Caryl Churchill.



October 2017-January 2019: SISTAS (musical)

Erin Cronican as Heather (Swing)

I am excited to announce that I've been cast as the female swing for the Off-Broadway mainstay, SISTAS.

Dates coming soon. Stand by!

Produced by three-time Tony winner Hinton Battle and directed by Smash's Kenneth Ferrone, the production follows five women as they prepare to bury the matriarch of their family. The women discuss their family history and the history of African-American women through popular music spanning from Billie Holiday to Beyonce.

Regular Performances are Saturdays and Sundays at 4:30 PM

St. Luke’s Theater ~ 308 West 46th Street, New York City

Tickets can be purchased here: sistasthemusical.com

Being a stand-by means that I do not have a principal role in the show, but I "stand-by" to provide coverage for any actor that gets injured, has an illness, or goes on vacation. Many stand-bys never go on, and some go on often. What's certain is that I've had my hands full preparing this role, ready to go on at any time!


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